Archie Brower

Archie Brower Company manufactures a collection of contemporary eyewear primarily based on original frame designs from Archie’s 1960s collections. The contemporary collection is big and bold. You can rock the Archie Brower image just as easily in the boardroom as you can on the boardwalk. It’s for leaders, not followers.

A bygone era of distinctive glamour lives on in Archie Brower’s authentic vintage collection. Browse our vintage collection and discover original, unused eyeglass frames from the late 1950s and early 1960s. All our frames feature authentic European craftsmanship. The decor frames stand alone for the quality of their handset Swarovski stonework and French detailing.

For optical quality frames that are completely original in design, travel back to one of the most fabulous periods of fashion history. Choose Archie Brower vintage eyewear.

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