Marc Jacobs

After 30 years Marc Jacobs continues to unabashedly shape the boundaries of American fashion. The indefinable characteristics of his namesake label are the result of a certain unique, uncommonly frank and brilliantly outspoken perspective.

Marc continues to explore the beauty in the unexpected...

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Jan Waszkiewicz earned his wings as a navigator in the Royal Air Force. He emigrated to America from Poland almost 50 years ago with $180 and a dream. In 1972, he and his partner, Stanley Zaleski—both with strong convictions about how to build a better sunglass—founded Randolph Engineering, Inc.


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A call back to Nature at the core of the Etro Autumn Winter 16-17 Collection whereby fine cashmere, bright floral embroidery, exquisite jacquard Paisley a tartan motif with delicate leaf patterns and bold stripes embody this reflective and powerful atmosphere that binds man to the universe, rediscovering...

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The Coach brand stands for authenticity, innovation, and relevance. We grew organically from the product, always staying true to these key brand equities.

Started in 1941 as a family-run workshop in New York City, we were pioneers in the leather goods and accessories space, establishing ourselves...

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he power of Versace is encapsulated in these hyper-feminine sun frames. Thick vintage inspiration and iconic small details enrich these styles with a touch of glamour.\

Bold shapes and military colors imbue these powerful frames with a rock allure. Captivating silhouettes and iconic patterns...

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Rudy Project

Founded in Treviso in 1985 by the creative genius of Rudy Barbazza with the aim of improving the performances of athletes the world over, Rudy Project has been the leader in Europe in the sports and eyewear sector for 30 years. This success is the result of constant investment in the development of...

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Roberto Zeno

ROBERTOZENO is a brand of high fashion accessories and it is one of the best established names of Made in Italy all over the world. The brand ROBERTOZENO belongs to ROBERTOZENO S.p.A. , which has its legal head office in Verona. It was born out of the personal initiative of the Italian designer, Roberto...

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Jil Sander

The opening of The year of Design had an inaugural speech of Alessandra Bettari, CEO of Jil Sander, Silvia Botti, editor in chief of Abitare, and the design curator Marco Sammicheli where they introduced the events schedule of the following days.

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Stella Mccartney

Born and raised in London and the English countryside, Stella McCartney graduated from Central St Martins in 1995. A signature style of sharp tailoring, natural confidence and sexy femininity was immediately apparent in her first collection and after only two collections, in 1997, she was appointed...

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Turin 1917, Giuseppe Ratti, photographer and owner of Berry Opticians, began an adventure destined to lead to international success. Indeed, it was in a small courtyard in Via Caboto that he began to make technically advanced glasses, designed to satisfy the demands of pilots and sports drivers who...

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Tory Burch

A vintage tunic from a Paris flea market. Interior designer David Hicks’ graphic style. American sportswear. A television commercial encouraging you to be bold and follow your dreams. The Tory Burch story could begin at any number of starting points. But delve deep and it really all goes back...

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Ralph lauren

What began 40 years ago with a collection of ties has grown into an entire world, redefining American style. Ralph Lauren has always stood for providing quality products, creating worlds and inviting people to take part in our dream. We were the innovators of lifestyle advertisements that tell a story...

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Discover our brand history, including the invention of gabardine and the evolution of our signature trench coat design. Thomas Burberry – Born in 1835, he became an apprentice draper before establishing Burberry in 1856 – at the age of just 21 – initially specialising in outdoor clothing....

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Carrera is founded by Wilhelm Anger. When creating the brand, Anger took inspiration from the Carrera Panamericana, a six-day race across Mexico to celebrate the completion of the Pan-American Highway. The race was widely considered to be the most dangerous race in the world. Anyone could enter, but...

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Maui Jim got its start in 1980 as a small company selling sunglasses on the beach in Lahaina, Hawaii. Seeing a need in the market for technology that could combat intense glare and harmful UV while bringing the brilliant colours of the island to life, we engineered the revolutionary PolarizedPlus2®...

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Spectacle Eyeworks

Spectacle Eyeworks Inc. has blossomed in the optical industry since its inception in 1996. Mehran Baghaie, Operations Director and head designer, attributes the company’s success to maintaining a reputation for producing premium quality frames displaying ingenuity in design, unparalleled to...

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Veronica Wildgruber

Veronika Wildrguber approaches design through materials. Craftsmanship, and the manufacturing process inspire her. She describes her work as “simple and surprising”.

After her studies in product design at the Faculty of Design and Arts in Bolzano, Italy, she proceeded to Paris. There she...

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Vinyl Factory

Welcome to the world of Vinyl Factory, the retro/vintage brand totally devoted to music and Pop Art.You’re just a few clicks away from a devastatingly good-looking eyewear collection, a range of must-have branded accessories, and a selection of musicians rated at the top festivals… all in unmatchabl...

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Jaques Durand

Originally an optician, Jacques Durand evolved in eyewear production and distribution and crossed paths with Alain Mikli in 1978, since it’s beginning, when they were only 4 people.

He had different roles in this Company, in charge of products, communication and sales.

An important...

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At ZEAL Optics, we build the highest quality eyewear for people like us who live for outdoor adventure. But that is just the beginning of our adventure. We focus on more than just being an eyewear company. We are guided by a simple set of beliefs: Use Less, Give Back, Explore More.

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